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Cavity walls

A wall type with a hollow inside is known as a cavity wall. They can be thought of as having two “skins” that are separated by a hollow area (cavity). Typically, the skins are made

Stud Length Requirements of Timber stud walls

Introduction I usually use 92-5/8″ studs when I am building standard 8′ tall walls –  they sit in piles at my nearby lumber yards next to piles of 8′ long studs. I recently saw (example)

The typical framing of a common Japanese TF detached house: (a) the framing of the outer wall; (b) the connection around the wall beam; (c) the connection around the sill beam. Source- https://www.mdpi.com/2075-5309/12/7/1029
Seismic Design of Timber Stud Walls

Introduction Wooden buildings have a good reputation when subjected to seismic events. Experience from North America and Japan shows that wooden buildings can resist catastrophic earthquakes. while sustaining only minimal damage. Many modern timber buildings